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One of the most frequently asked questions here at Urban Optical is "Do you take our insurance?"


The answer, unfortunatetly, is not that simple as eye insurance falls into two catagories:  vision or medical (please see on bottom what might be considered a medical reason).  We encourage you to check with your insurer beforehand to make sure of eligibility and coverage.  Copayments and any balances applied to your deductible are the patient's responsibility.


Below is a list of the main insurances that we accept . We will usually need the primary insurers name, birth date and sometimes social security number.  If you don't see your plan, search your provider directory or call and ask.


VSP - We accept VSP. Generally patients with VSP will be covered for an exam and glasses or contacts with a discount given for one if both are purchased. 

DAVIS VISION - We accept most Davis Vision plans. Call ahead with your Davis ID number to make sure we are in panel for your particular Davis plan. Davis provides their own selection of frames which we have in the store although many patients go outside of their plan to choose frames and may be eligible for some discount.   


EYEMED - (Sometimes referred to as BlueView Vision, AETNA patients see below) Fully Insured patients are generally covered for an exam and glasses or contact lenses. EYEMED has the added benefit in that most patients can use their coverage towards contact lenses and still be eligible for an eyeglass frame.


AETNA - All patients are eligible for the VISION ONE DISCOUNT PLAN and some members will in addition be covered for an eye examination and a dollar amount towards purchase. Some Aetna members have a more traditional vision plan through EYEMED.


UNITED HEALTHCARE - Some patients are covered for routine eye examinations through their main health care provider, generally eyeglasses and contacts are not covered. If United Helathcare is your medical plan, you may have vision coverage through one of the main vision plans we do accept (Davis, EyeMed, or VSP). Call UHC and ask for the name of your routine vision provider. IMPORTANT-WE DO NOT TAKE UNITED HEALTH CARE VISION WHICH IS A SEPERATE STAND ALONE EYECARE PLAN.


BLUE CROSS -  We accept BLUE CROSS for medical visits, although many patients covered by BCBS may have BLUE VIEW VISION (SEE EYEMED). Federal workers may have either VSP or Davis Vision. We may be able to accept Blue Cross for the exam if it is deemed medical by one of our doctors. 


OXFORD -  Most patients are not covered for any routine services although a few are covered for a reimbursement which the patient must submit on thier own. We may be able to accept Oxford for an exam if the diagnosis is deemed medical by one of our doctors.

GHI - (UFT see below) Most patients are not covered for any services although we may be able to accept fpr the exam if it is deemed medical by one of our doctors.  Members are eligible every 2 years.


UFT - Patients need to get a optical voucher form from the UFT Welfare Fund.  It will cover an eye exam for glasses, a set amount toward an eyeglass frame, and single vision or bifocal plastic lenses. Contact lens patients (without glasses) will receive a credit towards our usual and costumary fees for exam and contacts.


CIGNA - Many patients with Cigna have VSP vision insurance. There could also be a reimbursement plan. You should check with CIGNA or human resources to see if you're eligible for vision services.





  • pink eye
  • scratched cornea
  • flashes of light
  • floaters
  • double vision
  • sudden loss of vision
  • or an eye injury


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